Employment taxes

Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions are the two largest sources of government revenue, with the vast majority of these receipts collected through the PAYE system.

Employers have the primary obligation to operate the PAYE system correctly and non-compliance continues to pay dividends for HM Revenue and Customs. The extra tax, NIC, interest and penalties generated by HMRC through employer compliance investigations continue to outstrip the returns from all other investigations in relation to direct taxes.

Therefore; it is very important that employers obtain the correct advice and support to ensure full and timely compliance with their obligations.

We can also ensure that your employee remuneration packages are structured in a tax-efficient manner to take advantage of the specific reliefs and exemptions available to employees, whilst at the same tailoring changes to meet your business needs and requirements.

Whether you need help with your flexible benefits package, a salary sacrifice scheme, remuneration planning, or with the completion of your employer tax forms, we can provide you with advice and support you can rely on.

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