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Below you will find a few real life case studies. These are all clients for whom we have acted and taken through the steps listed on the relevant card below. Please feel free to have a read of one or all of the case studies to see if your tax issue falls within something we have dealt with before. If it is not listed, or your circumstances differ slightly, please do feel free to contact us to see if we can help.

Gift Aid Donations

A client historically made significant gift aid donations by way of cash payments. These extended his basic rate band so he received a reduction in income tax due as a result. However, he was holding numerous investments standing at a significant capital gain. I...

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Significant changes have been made to the tax treatment of pensions in recent years.  While most publicity has focussed on the rates of tax relief for pension saving, the tax position on taking benefits has also changed significantly. Michael has during his career...

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There is a long established practice of governments offering tax incentives for investors to support small business and provide venture capital to the economy.  A current incarnation of such incentives is the EIS, which sits alongside Venture Capital Trusts (VCT’s)....

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With Capital Taxes there is often a trade-off between paying CGT or IHT.  Using tax reliefs to save both of these taxes is therefore well worth the effort. Daniel is a successful business owner in his fifties and is married to Helen.  He is at the time of life where...

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Since 1988 it has been possible to receive a redundancy payment of up to £30,000 tax-free.  Some leaving payments are not tax-free at all and very occasionally it is possible to secure more than £30,000 tax-free. Bernadette was one of our pro-bono cases, referred by a...

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Alison & Nick

With the introduction of the 50% income tax rate on 6 April 2010, many high earners found themselves far worse off and looked for ways to mitigate their exposure.  In addition to this, tax relief on pension savings was heavily restricted for taxpayers with high...

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Successive governments have meddled with the tax reliefs for pension savings.  In 2006 fundamental changes were made to limit the amount of tax relief that could be given to a person in their lifetime.  This Lifetime Allowance (or LTA) was initially set at £1.5m.  It...

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We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality service to all of our clients, and in constantly striving to improve the range and nature of that service. If you have a question that we can help you with, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or drop into our offices in Reigate, Surrey.

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